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My name is Min Jun Jo. I am a Phillip Griffiths Assistant Research Professor at Duke University. My mentor is Prof. Tarek Elgindi.

I obtained my PhD at the University of British Columbia,

under the supervision of Tai-Peng Tsai and In-Jee Jeong.
My PhD thesis is titled "inviscid damping phenomena in some fluid models."

I study nonlinear partial differential equations associated with fluid dynamics.

My CV can be found here.

Email address:


5. Sharper bounds on the box-counting dimension of the singularities in the hyperdissipative Navier-Stokes equations. arXiv:2211.15274 

4. Velocity $C^1\cap H^2$ blow-up of the 2D Euler equations. arXiv:2211.13872  (with J. Kim)

3. Quantitative asymptotic stability of the quasi-linearly stratified densities in the IPM equation on the three fundamental domains. arXiv:2210.11437 (with J. Kim)

2. Global well-posedness of the partially damped 2D MHD equations via a normal mode method for the anisotropic linear operator. arXiv:2210.10283 (with J. Kim and J. Lee)

1. The quasi-geostrophic approximation for the rotating stratified Boussinesq equations. arXiv:2209.02634 (with J. Kim and J. Lee)


- Summer School on Wave Turbulence 2023, MIT, Boston, US

- Summer School: Fluid Dynamics 2023, Brin MRC (Univ. of Maryland), College Park, US

- Recent Advances in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics 2023, Duke University, Durham, US

- When Kinetic Theory meets Fluid Mechanics 2022, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

- PIMS-IFDS-NSF Summer School on Optimal Transport 2022, University of Washington, Seattle, US

- MSRI Introduction to Water Waves Summer Graduate School 2020, MSRI, Berkeley, US

- CIME Progress in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics 2019, Cetraro, Italy

- Recent Progress in Regularity of PDE and Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations 2018, NIMS, Daejeon, Korea

- Minicourse on General Relativity in Spherical Symmetry 2017, KIAS


- Summer School: Fluid Dynamics, July 2023

- Analysis Seminar, University of Seoul, June 2023

- Analysis Seminar, Inha University, June 2023

- PDE and Applied Analysis Seminar, POSTECH, June 2023

- BK PDE Seminar, Yonsei University, June 2023

- PDE Seminar, Seoul National University, June 2023

- Recent Advances in Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Duke University, May 2023

- PDE and Applied Analysis Seminar, POSTECH, Feb 2023

- PIMS-IFDS-NSF Summer School on Optimal Transport, University of Washington, June 2022

- Global KMS International Conference, The Korea Science Technology Center, Oct 2022

- BK PDE Seminar, Yonsei University, Oct 2022

- CMAC Seminar (II), Yonsei University, June 2021

- CMAC Seminar (I), Yonsei University, June 2021

- BK Seminar (II), Yonsei University, Feb 2021

- BK Seminar (I), Yonsei University, Feb 2021

- BK Seminar, Yonsei University, Jan 2021

- Math Analysis Seminar, KIAS, Aug 2019

- Workshop for students in Analysis and PDE, Sogang University, July 2018


- Intermediate Calculus, Fall 2023, Duke University

- Differential Calculus with Applications to Life Sciences, Fall 2020, The University of British Columbia

- Calculus and Vector Analysis (1), Fall 2018, Yonsei University

- Calculus and Vector Analysis (1), Spring 2018, Underwood International College of Yonsei University

Min Jun Jo, Mathematics, Duke University

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